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Why Industry Leaders Choose Bridger Photonics –

Emissions Detection Across the Natural Gas Value Chain

Proudly Partnered with Industry Leaders

Leading the Way in Emissions
Reduction and Leak Detection

Earning the confidence of industry leaders, we lead in advancing
leak detection, strategic emissions oversight, and reliable
reduction verification. We support large and small companies,
enhancing operational efficiency and improving methane reduction.

But don’t take our word for it… 

Innovation in Action: How Gas Mapping LiDAR Transforms Operations

Discover how operators harness Bridger Photonics' data to significantly cut emissions and achieve impactful outcomes.

Solution in action –

Streamlining Leak Detection and Repair for Diversified Energy

Diversified Energy is an independent energy company focused on natural gas and liquids production, transport, marketing, and well retirement. The company began its partnership with Bridger Photonics in 2021 after successful field trials. Since then, Diversified Energy has leveraged Bridger Photonics' advanced Gas Mapping LiDAR™ technology to enhance their emissions detection capabilities, resulting in improved operational efficiency and significant methane reductions. 

“These surveys continue to provide industry-leading fugitive emissions detections, allowing Diversified to maintain a high confidence in location accuracy for well tender verification. That confidence, coupled with reliable data, allow the Company to continue to prioritize investments and implementation of effective and economic remediation strategies. ”

Diversified Energy Logo
– Diversified Energy,
2023 Sustainability Report
Solution in action –

Uinta Wax & Finley Resources Leverages Emissions Insights for Data-driven Decision-making


“The datasets we get from Bridger have been great in understanding our progress, making strategic adjustments, and finding new focus areas. A couple of examples from our most recent GML data set from Bridger:

  • In our first dataset from Bridger, we saw that our larger horizontal batteries with gas lift were areas of concern, so we increased our OGI inspections on these sites and worked more closely with our compressor. The second scan from Bridger really showed improvement on these sites, thus verifying the effectiveness of the changes we implemented.
  • This was our first round with GML scans focusing on pipeline. We have seen some imbalances in our fuel gas systems and these scans helped us identify emission sources that will help us firm those up.
  • The results from Bridger have also helped us understand pumping unit engine exhaust plumes and helping to develop and audit engine maintenance program developments.

With a growing project list, we want to continue our emissions reduction efforts with Bridger and are confident that we will continue to see improvement and verification through our work with Bridger.”

Chevron Logo
– Jason W. Lachance,
Surface Tech. Manager, Uinta Wax & Finley Resources
Solution in action –

Chevron Leads the Way in Methane Mitigation with Bridger Photonics

"Our goal is simple—keep methane in the pipe.

This technology helps us assure we are doing that… It’s a game changer. It can find leaks that are 10 times smaller than other commercial providers are capable of spotting.

Our performance and continuous improvement in methane reduction space is thanks to collaborations like this. Bridger’s technology is helping us continue to deliver lower carbon results.”

Chevron Logo
Bruce Niemeyer,
Chevron’s Americas president of Exploration and Production, Chevron Energy
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Lead the Way in Methane Emission Reduction

Leverage cutting-edge Gas Mapping LiDAR for comprehensive methane detection and quantification.